Support you and your organization

This is why we’ve developed key features such as the chat platform, quiz functionalities, flexible creation of groups. We continue the development and advancement of the app to address your needs.

Shape your culture

Employee icon as symbol of team spirit

Engagement and Appreciation

Recognize positive behaviors immediately, providing positive reinforcement and instilling a culture of learning. Celebrate individual and team achievements and encourage others to share their best ideas and practices. The Qnnect App provides you with a platform to strengthen belonging and identity.

Tools icon as symbol for innovative employee experience

Positive Employee Experience

Invite your employees to shape a strong culture and work together to help the entire organization succeed. The Qnnect App provides them with the tools and platform to engage and come together to create more together. This helps new members come on board more quickly and increases employee retention.

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Effective Internal Communication

Newsfeed Icon as a symbol for the Newsfeed feature in the Qnnect App

News and Updates

Provide real-time updates to your staff – whether an important customer event takes place, critical competitive insights or a new service and care standard is introduced. The Qnnect App allows you to reach your employees both on site and in the field right away on their mobile phones.

Chat icon as a symbol für Instant Messaging in the Qnnect App

Instant Messaging

Find solutions to overcome communication barriers and increase work motivation thanks to the chat groups that your employees can create. Bring your vision to life and enable your staff to share it and support each other as they live it. Research shows that chat response times are much better than for emails.

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Successful Mobile Learning

Quiz Icone as symbol for a successfull micro learning


Build a culture of information sharing and collaboration to achieve success and optimize customer satisfaction. Peer-to-peer exchange can be essential for business continuity and growth. The Qnnect app helps you build an environment of continuous learning and development.

Exchange icon as a symbol for gamification and reviews

Quiz: fun learning

Add a playful element to your learning sessions with a micro quiz to train your teams and help them remember more easily. Use the Qnnect App to engage your employees with trainings that are relevant and fun.

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Secure and Encrypted

ISO icon as symbol of compliance and data protection

Compliant and ISO certified

There are many chat and instant messenging platforms. Choose the secure and encrypted functionality of Qnnect. We are ISO 27001 certified and use tight quality standards to ensure your internal communication stays private.

Security icon as symbol of highest standards

Secured data 

Enable your teams to securely exchange sensitive information. The Qnnect App is based on the highest standards for security in the industry and offers encrypted messaging. Designed in Switzerland, the app protects your data and keeps your data in your hands.

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Video Coaching

Feedback icon as symbol for instant feedback in the video coaching

Training & Feedback

Empower your training sessions and stay close to your coaches - wherever they are.


Hand icon as symbol for an easy-to-use digital experience

Easy to use

Very easy-to-use, this new feature enables to record a video and collect peer reviews. A great way to transform the learning into a digital experience.

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Feedback and Insights

Survery icon as symbol for polls and surveys in the Qnnect App

Surveys & Polls

Whether you want to measure the employee satisfaction in your company, or you just want some quick feedback about the new coffee machine in the break-room, Qnnect allows you to do both.

Graph icon as symbol for Reporting in the Qnnect App


Qnnect offers a data dashboard that helps you develop and improve internal communications, monitor the level of employee engagement and capture value from your investment quickly.

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Emergency Icon

Reach your staff quickly and effectively in an emergency situation 

Fire in the building, gas leaks, natural disasters, building lockdown…you name it. The Qnnect Alert Feature allows you to send out instant alerts to your staff, informing them about the type and severity of emergency, the expected action as well as notifying them when the emergency situation has resolved.

target Icon

Targeted Alerts

With Qnnect Alerts you have the ability to target the specific locations and teams encountering the emergency, allowing for an even more efficient application of the alert feature.

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