Qnnect is more than just an app. Our Customer Success Team is proactively committed to helping you achieve your business goals through the use of our technology. Each customer is individually supported by a Customer Success Manager -before, during and after the "Go-Live with the App".

Customer Success Team

The human factor is crucial if you want to successfully implement a new technologie in your company. A communication tool without people who create content and promote the utilisation has no value. At Qnnect, I see my role as Customer Success Manager being the human factor, which completes our communication app. It is my role to accompany and consult our clients to implement successfully Qnnect in their company and always find value in the utilisation of our technology.

Céline Badertscher

Head of Customer Success


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Having a personal background in professional sports I bring a deep understanding of the unique value of professional coaching. As a customer success manager, I take on a coaching-role, accompanying my customers and ensuring a successful long-term integration of Qnnect in their daily business.



Marina Ribi

Customer Success Manager 


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As a Customer Success Manager, I work with and coach the customer so that they can effectively use Qnnect at their business. Qnnect is a very easy to use, modern and time-saving app for businesses and I collaborate with each customer to build the best instance for their company. We both invest in the relationship and it is my job to make sure the outcome is successful. Each company we work with has different objectives for the app, but the main goal is to ensure it is being used.

Lynn Isola

Customer Success Manager Americas


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I see clients’ involvement as the key to Qnnect’s customer success. The ability to knowledge transfer and train our clients empower them to maximise the potential of using Qnnect by incorporating it in their daily business operation. With 8 years in client servicing, I assist our clients to embark on the journey to modernise internal communication and training through the use of Qnnect.


Yi Ting Ho

Customer Success Manager APAC


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